Just For Me Candle Fundraising


Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Once you’ve chosen to work with Just For Me Candle Fundraising, its time to order your free selling kits. Each kit contains a catalog and scented sample chips of our best selling fragrances.  Order your sellings kits at:

“Start Your Candle Fundraiser” or call us at


When your fundraiser is over, you will receive an excel sheet that will allow you to input your sales.  The form will automatically calculate your profits and the amount you owe us. When your finished simpley e-mail the form back to us. The order will be considered placed once we receive payment.  We also accept purchase orders for payment.


Orders ship in 14-21 days from the time the  order is received. Orders are sorted by Child/ Participant and include a copy of the excel order sheet.  Missing or broken items must be reported within 2 weeks of receiving your order. We strive to make your fundraising experience as seemless as possible. This is easy and highly profitable candle fundraiser.