Fundraiser Agreement Form

    • 1. I am 18 years of age and have made a firm commitment to go with “Just For Me Candle Fundraising”.
    • 2. All officers and members have approved this candle fundraiser and two signatures for our organization / group / team have been provided. We are ready to start selling.
    • 3. I am ready to schedule a kick-off date for the fundraiser and a date to have all orders placed with “Just For Me Candle Fundraiser”. In the event my organization decides to change these dates I agree to notify “Just For Me Candle Fundraiser” for date approval. This contract will not be honored by “Just For Me Candle Fundraiser” after 60 days and pricing is subject to change. In the event the candle fundraiser is not completed your organization will be charged for all cost incurred by “Just For Me Candle Fundraiser” for fundraising materials.
    • 4. When making payment for the fundraiser, I understand that ”Just For Me Candle Fundraiser” will only accept cash, money orders, cashier’s check, MasterCard, Visa or an organizational check, and purchase orders for requesting schools. All credit / debit card payments will be subject to a 3% handling fee.) I also agree to cover expenses incurred by “Just For Me Candle Fundraising” in the event of a returned check (returned check fee of $25.00 will be applied per check) and / or the fundraiser is not completed. Orders received without the consolidation form and original order forms will not be sorted. Your order will be pulled in bulk according to your consolidation sheet and no exchanges will be made in the event of miss ordering.
    • 5. There are no minimum orders. You will earn 50% when you sell 1 – 1000 items and 60% when you sell 1001 items and more. When your group sells 1 – 50 products you will be charged shipping fee’s. Orders that sell 50 or more products will receive FREE standard shipping.
      6. Notification of any damages due to shipping, missing and or exchange orders shall be made within 10 days of the date that you receive your order. “Just For Me Candle Fundraiser” will only ship one order of missing/ exchange and or damaged products free of charge. Any problems noted after this shipment will be shipped at the cost of your organization.
    • 7. All orders will be shipped in 10-14 business days from the date of payment in full and order placement. In the event that you or your organization’s coordinator requests above standard shipping, your organization will be responsible for the specific expenses incurred on your behalf and product will not be shipped before expenses are paid in full.

As a customer doing business with “Just For Me Fundraising” I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions:

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