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Welcome to Just For Me Candle Fundraisers

Candle Fundraisers are one of the most profitable fundraisers on the market today. With so many options available we know that choosing the best candle fundraisers for your organization is not an easy process.  At Just for Me Candle fundraisers we have created an easy and seamless program that will allow your group to maximize profits without causing you stress. You will earn 50% of every product sold. Whether you sell 1 product or a thousand products your profit will still be 50%. Every selling kit will include a four color catalog and free scented sample chips of our most popular scents. Scented sample chips will double your profits by allowing your buyers to smell before they buy. Happier customers mean higher sales. Our free shipping program is the best program on the internet today and ninety percent of our customers qualify for the free shipping. Your orders will be sorted for you by participant/Leader. This free service is invaluable. Yourself and volunteers will simply hand out the sorted product and every order will have a copy of the order form you submitted in their boxes. Once your candle fundraiser has ended we send you an excel file that automatically calculates your profit, while creating copies of your order forms and an invoice. Our products are created in the United States and are of excellent quality. Your parents will appreciate your decision to work with companies that offer products of great quality with reasonable costs.

Our candles are created with specially blended soy wax that burns cleaner eliminating 90% of black soot and burn generally 35-60% longer than the traditional paraffin candle. The scents we offer have a natural clean scent. Our candle aromas will fill your entire house. We have recognized that not all customers’ burn candles, so we offer other unique options. Such as: Bath bombs, Potty spray, Electric Oil Burners, Wax Melts and Shower steamers. Each product has been created with a commitment to quality. Offering your customers more options allows your fundraiser to include everyone. We purchase the best ingredients available to us In the U.S.A. The products we offer you contain fragrances that have been hand selected while paying close attention to the scents natural aromas

We have served the fundraising community for almost 20yrs. Your happiness with our candle fundraising program is of utmost importance to us. We understand the pressure you may feel from leading this group. It’s not an easy job and we recognize that. Our program is set up to make you a success.  If you follow the candle fundraising program we have created, your candle fundraiser will be exceptionally successful. We are here to help and guide you. Whether your group is small or large we want your fundraiser to be very profitable. With a 90% customer referral rate, our program has earned thousands of dollars for groups like yours, throughout the country. We are committed to your success. Visit our Candle Fundraising Program to learn the details. You can also call us at 1-866-925-7300 to learn more about our Candle Fundraising program. Live human beings will answer the phone.