JUST FOR ME CANDLE FUNDRAISING PROGRAM Written by: Janet Strachan      Fundraisers have become a social activity that is hard to ignore and when we hold fundraisers we always want them to be a success. There are many ways that people can raise funds. For example, selling products and going to friends to offer a helping hand or even approaching companies to create a fundraising program. Candle fundraisers are one trend that many people have opted to use as a way of raising funds. One major company that has been offering fundraising programs is Just for Me candles through their candle fundraiser program. This company has been offering candle fundraising programs for over 20 years and they have a reputation for success.           Just for me candles fundraising program works with organizations that hold fundraisers to earn high profits by selling products. For any individual to take part in their fundraising programs you have to be over 18 years old. The company has been targeting groups such as: schools, churches, civic groups etc… but they can offer their fundraising program to any organization whether big or small, that needs to make money. Since the candles are meant for fundraisers as an organization you have to buy the candles in bulk as this fundraising program does not sell retail candles. Buying in bulk is also cheaper as opposed to buying in retail. Remember also buying in bulk can mean higher profits.           Working with just for me candles for your fundraising you are assured success. This company wants you to know that by selling their products, they want your fundraiser to be a success. First, their products are affordable and they help you achieve success on your fundraiser by offering fifty percent on every product you sell and it doesn’t matter how many candles you have sold the profits do not change. This is a high profit for your fundraiser. Just for me candles fundraising program gives lets you and your parents know upfront profits earned, program details and hidden questions. This goes a long way to ensure that both the client and the company are working in together in a seamless and smooth relationship. You can always contact them through their customer care line. Just for me candles fundraising program always puts their customers’ needs first.  With a 90% referral rate, the customers satisfaction with the quality of our service and products are paramount in our business practices. The candles are of high quality and burn evenly with scent distributed through the entire candle.They use a paraffin/soy blended wax to manufacture their candles so that black soot is at a minimum when burning. Since this fundraising program wants you to have a successful fundraiser, just for me candles ensure that you sell the best products to the customer.  The scents are authentic aromas that are pleasant to the senses and can fill an entire room space. You don’t have to worry that your customers may not buy the candles for your fundraiser because our candle fundraiser selling kits  come  with a color catalog and scented sample chips that customers can smell before they buy. There is  a wide range of scents that your customers can choose from and even more they can buy from all the scents available. With all these on benefits, an organization can’t resist from using just for me candles fundraising program for their fundraiser. During your fundraiser, not all customers will want to buy candles, so just for me candles fundraising program offers other options that customers can choose from. These options include shower steamers, wax melts, and bath bombs which also come in various scents. This guarantees you that those attending your fundraiser all have an opportunity to contribute even if they do not buy the candles. Once you have decided to contract with Just For Me Candle Fundraisers, your orders will be shipped in 14-21 days after placing the order. The shipping is free as long as your groups sells over 75 pc .Even is you do have to pay shipping we, search the cheapest shipping available. Again they pack your order by student/participant. This frees up hours of your time. Candles are fragile products and so in case there is any  breakages during shipment you are allowed to return the broken products back to the company which will be replaced for you but there is a timeline for this. All claims of broken or missing products must be placed 10 days after shipment is received.  It doesn’t only end after your shipment has been delivered. This fundraising program offers an after sale campaign. When the fundraising sale is over you will receive a file in excel format. This file automatically calculates your profits and also creates copies of invoices and order forms so you will never have doubts about your sales. This file saves you from having to manually calculate the profits and also it saves you from the back and forth procedures involved.           Conclusion      Just for me, candles fundraising program is always about making your fundraiser a success story. All you have to do is follow the program accordingly. As a company, they love working with new clients. If this is your first fundraiser, take heart that we will guide you through each step making sure you not only make money, but it’s easy for you to understand. Not many companies can be honest enough to allow clients to get such information. If a company is not upfront and honest with you about their fees, it may not be the company you want to work with. We have helped groups like yours for over 20yrs earn high profits with Just for me candle fundraiser program. With the kind of services, they offer like free catalogs, free shipping, free sorting of orders and the free automation file for calculating of profits it is clear that all they are after is satisfaction for them as a company and you as a client. Not many candle fundraising programs can offer such services and remain in the market for long. If you ever think of holding a candle fundraiser engage them just for me candle fundraisers programs.